CTProfiler 2.0

High-resolution exit-air profiling by a fleet of self-driven mobile units
Identification, diagnostics and assessment of component damages

Evaluating financial losses and maintenance scenarios in order to make optimal decision

A common issue in natural-draft cooling towers is a lack of monitoring and maintenance of their performance. Some of the main reasons are:

  • Large sizes and hard access to cooling tower components
  • Slow pace of degradation that is many times unnoticed and unattended
  • No technology in the market for in-dept cooling tower evaluation

The solution is an advanced and novel profiling technique for cooling tower evaluation and maintenance. Optimal maintenance can be chosen from among several proposals that range from small repairs to major upgrades.

  • Cuts operational costs (savings per year up to 1,5M€ on fuel and 1,2M€ on CO2 coupons)
  • Increased system efficiency and reduced emissions
  • No plant’s shut down required – increased reliability and availability
  • Reduced hazard level for workers (toxic fumes, limited access due to regulations)
  • ROI in under a year
Example of velocity and temperature profiles of a cooling tower revealing local problems and design anomalies to be repaired and improved
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