Efficiency Improvement Solutions

Improving efficiency of energy systems is nowadays a must, in order to stay competitive and environmentally friendly in the energy market. JS energy Team has been putting an effort to make energy systems environment friendly and profitable by being specialized in power and CHP technologies. We are providing the following services related to efficiency improvements and emissions mitigation:

  • Efficiency analysis of power plants and their components (measurements and calculations)
  • Efficiency and operation improvements of power & CHP plants and their components
  • Tuning of pulverized-coal firing systems (coal pulverizers, combustion air, cold recirculated flue gas) for CO and NOx reduction and efficiency improvements
  • Thermo-economic analyses
  • “What-if” studies for modification planning of existing power plants
  • Consultancies

We also offer developed products related to the specific improvements of systems efficiency:

Constant development of our own solutions has made our products and services inexpensive, together with a high return on investment. By continuous collaboration with industry, our products are mature and well-tested in practice.

The developed services and products follow OPC (OLE for Process Control) standards and are easily integrated in industrial environment. In conjunction with the systems efficiency improvements we can also offer different services covering performance and efficiency tests.

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