About Us

JS energy Ltd. was established in Ljubljana, Slovenia (EU). The company was born on the idea to provide a complete and well-tested set of high-quality expert products and services in power and heat industry. At first, the focus was on the regions of central, south and south-eastern Europe. Due to extensive interest in efficiency improvements and emission mitigation, our company has spread our products and services also to Asian market as well. Nowadays, we deliver products and services worldwide.
JS energy Ltd. is R&D oriented and offers services, ready-made products, software and tailor-made solutions in power and CHP plant industry. Due to new EU regulations of emissions on fossil-fired plants and due to vast interest in mitigating the pollution in a global aspect, the present focus is on development of solutions related to improvements of systems efficiency and mitigation of exhaust gas emissions. In this respect, we have developed the Advanced Combustion Control for fossil-fueled boilers, Cooling Systems Optimization solutions, procedures for system performance evaluations etc. In addition, we offer consultancies, maintenance services and performance tests for nuclear, gas-cycle and steam-cycle power plants and their components (boilers, turbines, condensers, regenerative air and water heaters and cooling systems).
Apart from being an R&D oriented company, our activities also involve research collaborations with universities such as the University of Stavanger, Lund University, University of Ljubljana, and the University of Maribor. Many of our industrial projects that include numerous innovations are reflected in publications at international conferences, as well as in scientific articles as presented in the References page.


JS energy Team